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At a loss for words

Yesterday a friend and helper very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. She was very close and knew me very well. She helped me many a time.

I am devastated. I am in shock. I just can not believe this has happened. She was very young and so full of life. She gave so much to everyone around her. Besides being an incredibly tolerant, patient, calm and easy-going person, a great friend and a very understanding doctor, she was also an artist, an Egyptologist, she wrote poetry and prose, she enjoyed life and people and animals, she was kind and gentle with everyone. She helped many, not only through her profession but in every possible way, sometimes simply by just being there.

I don't know what else to write because I simply can not believe she is no more. I really hope she is in a better place, although she did love this place we call Earth, but I hope she sees us and I hope she will see many of her patients become well.

Kati, rest in peace, I wish I could have said good bye in person.


Fun creatures 2

More funky creatures, this time full of color

Sea turtle by twoems

Fish by dekanimal

Baby fox by dekanimal

Chameleons by twoems

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