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Tuesday Trend: Decay

Fine art photography by SherilWright

Collage art by AgaFarrell

Cross charm by JRichardsDesigns

Rustic bracelet by ByJodi

Urban decay greeting card by StichandBoots


My Friday Night Outfit

Fall and decay

Awesome dress by SealMaiden

Rustic earrings by JustBetter

Fine art photo by SherilWright

Amber pendant by DreamsFactory

Ruffled bag by Bayanhippo


Tuesday Trend: Ceramics

Ceramic Christmas

Don't you just LOVE ceramics?

Damsontreepottery - 2, 7

Azulado - 1, 4

Ceraminic - 5, 6, 8

BiscuitCuit - 3, 9

Make sure to visit all the shops for many many more!


Golden shimmer

Three beautiful pieces and a new necklace in the making:

Papier mache bowl by upintheairsomewhere

Pod ring by lachicadelosanillos

New pendant in the making

Photography by bomobob


Just showing off - new ring and bracelet

New ring

photo by Briole

pendant by LenteJulcsi

brooch by Sidereal

New ring and bracelet

photo on canvas by CarolynCo

mosaic tray by SirliMosaic

clock by JustAroundTheClock

earrings by ShoShanaArt

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