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Bangles and more bangles

New things in progress:

More bangles! These have no metal in them for reinforcement in the hope that since they won't get flexed like cuff bracelets, they won't need it. We will see....
(Sorry about the blue shadows, I just can't photograph my pieces any more :()

Desert rose:

Foolishly I attacked it with a black acrylic wash before intelligent thinking set in and now I'm kind of stuck with it. I'm thinking of going over it again with gold acrylic paint, I really do not like the black stuff in this piece....

Some cuffs:


And some odds and ends:


Story necklaces

Story necklaces are inspired by folk tales or fairy tales. I also added other, literature-inspired pieces to this group.

The second one is The girl who walked flowers:

This one is from a Middle-Eastern tale, The story of the magic stone:

The Beauty and the Beast:

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