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Some new things

The sun necklace. I'm going to cut up those long beads into smaller pieces to build up the upper part of the necklace.


Some tribal- or Africa-inspired pieces:

This one will be a pendant. It's enormous! :D I'm not quite sure where to attach the cords yet, how far out, but I'm leaning towards very close to the corners. I'm also not sure whether to drill two holes or attach jump rings to the back? Any ideas? Or perhaps I should make a black tube bead and somehow attach it to the center of the top? And the cord would go through this tube bead...


A ballad-pendant:


I will add golden or bronze acrylic paint to the bottom, like on these earrings which were my inspiration for this piece.

It is based on the Hungarian ballad: Kőmíves Kelemen.

This one is my fourth story necklace, The Beauty and the Beast:

I quite like how it turned out. I'll need to add the back and a trim around the piece, plus sand and buff it, and then add a little antiquing to the figures.


Design disaster

Well, when I was designing this necklace I thought it would look nice. I had an underwater theme in mind. But now that it's finished I absolutely don't like it. And besides, it won't stay flat when put on :(


Fashion Feature - HelenaRibeiro

Welcome to my new experimental series: Fashion Feature, in which I introduce artists and crafters and their works through fashion.

My sixth guest is Helena from HelenaRibeiro. Her medium is acrylic, plexiglass and nylon (although she also makes crocheted pieces as well as polymer clay jewelry under the alias Brandless Berta) in bombastic colors. She usually hand-saws her pieces or 3D-prints them. Clear lines, modernity, passion and power are what define her work. My absolute favorites are the cuff bracelets - they're not for the fashion faint of heart ;)

Click on the small images underneath the large pictures to see Helena's jewelry.

Let the pieces speak for themselves:

And some rings:


Don't forget to pay a visit to Helena's shop, follow her on Twitter, check out her blog and also what she shares on Facebook.

red dress, black dress, black heels, pink one-shoulder dress, lime green dress, black boyfriend blazer, red boyfriend blazer

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