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New necklaces in the making

What do you think about the end of this large long necklace? The large center is double-sided, but how should it continue? Should it be the tassel? Or the little round tile? Or the little round tile and the square one as well? Only the square one? Or just the large center? Which version do you prefer?

This is the size (it really IS huge :):

An art deco cuff bracelet in the making:


New stuff, second stage

Here's my third (re-made) story necklace, after the first curing. I'm very satisfied with the colors and the way it turned out, except for the princess, who looks very much like a witch... :D. I'll have to work on her head and face, I hope I can make her look like the beautiful princess she really is :P.
I'm also going smaller with my bib necklaces. I think now I'll try and make them much less "in your face", like the "shield" I made as my first piece in this line :D

Here it is improved:

And: my heartache. My beautiful little bib necklace, the one on top. Those pesky airbubbles ruined it, and I have no idea what to do! There's no way I can sand them down plus they're not really air bubbles in the clay, but rather the piece at certain spots got lifted off of the tile as it was curing, and in places the air created these protrusions. The back is hollow. Someone out there please help!!!

I'm quite happy with the green art deco piece though. Since taking this pic I've sanded it off to smoothness, too. I'm also thinking of making cuff bracelets with the same design.

I have finally figured out what's gonna happen to these beads. I'm thinking of a really large and long, bohemian style necklace with this piece (the large one on the top of the photo) in the middle, and I'd like tassels hanging from it. I've already made 5 using golden seed beads but I'm just not sure. What do you think (as for the material/design and any other attributes of the tassels)? Here are some possibilities.

Some more randomness and a terribly out-of-focus photo:

These sunset colored pieces will be paired off with my black-and-white geometric centers, see below:

The whole mess as they came out of the ice-water bath:

Saturday Style 28 - promotion game - come and play with us! - anyone can join

Saturday Style 27 - promotion game - come and play with us! - anyone can join

Spring in the air

Spring in the air

Off the shoulder tee

Miss selfridge

Flat shoes

Colorful jewelry

Clay jewelry

Round earrings

Colorful jewelry

Nars cosmetic

Body moisturizer

From winter to spring

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