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Just showing off - new ring and bracelet

New ring

photo by Briole

pendant by LenteJulcsi

brooch by Sidereal

New ring and bracelet

photo on canvas by CarolynCo

mosaic tray by SirliMosaic

clock by JustAroundTheClock

earrings by ShoShanaArt


  1. Dori all of them are just so beautiful!!!!

  2. Thank you! I like them, too! Only the ring and the bracelet are mine, though :) But all the pieces, mmmm

  3. Dori, I love how you use green shades together! The items become alive and I can feel wild nature from them, big fields with bright new grass and lot of trees and animals are happily jumping around!)
    Very beautiful new creations!! Will wait for more!!!)


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