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Bangles and more bangles

New things in progress:

More bangles! These have no metal in them for reinforcement in the hope that since they won't get flexed like cuff bracelets, they won't need it. We will see....
(Sorry about the blue shadows, I just can't photograph my pieces any more :()

Desert rose:

Foolishly I attacked it with a black acrylic wash before intelligent thinking set in and now I'm kind of stuck with it. I'm thinking of going over it again with gold acrylic paint, I really do not like the black stuff in this piece....

Some cuffs:


And some odds and ends:


  1. Is it ok to just say W-O-W ??? The detail on the cuffs is amazing, how do you do that???
    Stunning pieces, Dori! When are you finally going to change that "Jewelry/Watches" category thingy on FB to ARTIST???? :D

  2. Dori, you know I love you!!!!!) You are unbelievable talented girl and very very beautiful!!!!!!! First picture is more then WOW its a painting that must be drawn in full size and placed in most visible place!!!!)
    Love your creations, new shapes and colors!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I wish you more time to create more beautiful pieces!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for bringing such beauty in this world!)

  3. Thank you so much guys, I feel very embarrassed now :) Thank you for appreciating it :)

  4. wow!!!!!! gorgeous!!!! I love them all!!! great job Dori!


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