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Design disaster

Well, when I was designing this necklace I thought it would look nice. I had an underwater theme in mind. But now that it's finished I absolutely don't like it. And besides, it won't stay flat when put on :(


  1. Take it apart and make ten smaller necklaces. Nothing ventured nothing gained :) I'd bet they sell sooner than you think!

  2. That's a very good idea, thanks! I'll probably do something like that with it :)

  3. Aww, I like the idea of underwater! The colors are so lovely and the shapes too. What a pity it didn't work out as you had wished, but that happens. They don't always lay as one would like to... I agree Akamantra, you can still create a lot from them! I wouldn't divide them to ten though, but try first to combine different colors to the same necklace. The colors just look so good together!

  4. All right, thanks for the input, Ruusu :) I'll think of somehow retaining the color progression in some way :)

  5. Sorry girls, but I like it the way it is!)) But it will be great to see modeled pictures to see what Dori doesn't like..
    I love the color shades idea and asymmetric way the details are putted together. Maybe you could try to remove one element from each row? (3,2,1) and make it longer using the rest elements...
    Im working now on the necklace with 3 circles and now I wonder what result I will get.

  6. Thanks Elena :)

    The thing with the necklace is simply that it doesn't lie flat on the chest. :(
    If I remove one element from each row, it will be terribly asymmetrical, I'm afraid, plus the holes will be in the wrong place, too. I think I'll put this one aside for now... :)

    Elena, if those circles are not very stiff, they may be adjusted if they don't lie flat :)


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