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Some new things

These are some of the new things I've been playing with.

And I finally finished the set I've been working on. I'm just not quite sure about the ear wires.

And: I am simply in love with Mariaela's pieces and couldn't restrain myself any longer, and just had to make a few similar ones! I won't sell them because I feel like they are copies, but I might give them away once I decide which ones will be rings and which pendants. Or I might just keep them around as eye-candy ;)

Which is your favorite?


  1. wowowowowowowow! Dori there are just perfect! cant's wait to see them finished!

  2. Join the 'wow' thing!)
    I love the set so much!!!!! and I love the necklace in blue and gold, its like something egyptian or cosmic or both!like star gate theme)
    You have made so many beautiful things already!!!)


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