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Cuff bracelet trials and other animals

So I've been struggling with this cuff bracelet thing for the past twoish months now. Almost all the cuffs I'd made earlier had broken. Many of them did due to size issues, and some of them, which were large enough, fell off the wrist.
Thankfully two of my teammates on EST spirit helped me out with some useful tips: Irenka and Jagna, and I'm very grateful for them. I began to put these ideas into action - well, actually, the results can not be seen in these pictures because the only finished piece is now with someone else for testing. But I'll include it when I get it back. 
The other things I tried can be seen in the bottom photos: a three-piece bracelet held together by an elastic cord and another one where the tiles are linked up with jump rings. The bracelet with the hinge inclusion is an earlier attempt, I don't think I'll follow that direction unless in another style. I do want to keep experimenting with the idea itself though, but creating the hinge itself from the clay. 

I apologize for the colors: I still haven't gotten used to this new screen and I have no idea how the colors look. These below seem very bright to me but then almost everything does on this screen :D

 I made this one for my aunt for her birthday. This was before I got the tips so I'm just hoping it won't break soon...

And the other animals:

I've been working on my fourth story necklace. It is a scene from the Beauty and the Beast. So far I have the background - I quite like how the sky has turned out. Unfortunately I still have to get to grips with this new camera, so far I haven't been able to pick up the details well:

This is what it will look like once it's done (I hope at least :D):


  1. Seriously beatufil cuffs! LOVE them!!!

  2. wow! just wow!!!! amazing bracelets Dori!!!!!!

  3. Love them all! And you are gorgeous too! :)

  4. All gorgeous! But I especially love the one for your aunt!

  5. Wow! what a beauty! how much work! Bracelet with brown contour and large elements is my favorite!

  6. Dori, you are very very beautiful girl!!!!)
    I love your bracelets, I love the most the one on last picture! it looks like mosaic to me!)
    And good luck with your necklace!I cant remember that exact scene, lol) but I love your story necklaces!)

  7. Great bracelets. And the idea of story necklace is fantastic.

  8. thank you all, you are very nice! :)

  9. By the way, Elena, you can't remember that scene because it is a scene from my mind! :D

  10. I love your cuffs and bracelets, Dori! They are absolutely unique!!! I had been admiring the mosaic technique from your necklaces already, they are so detailed--amazing! The cuffs look like really hard work, and how they turned out... art-to-wear!!! They look great on you, and I love your home decor too :)


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