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Creative writing - Cinder, the cyborg girl

Creative writing

I am so impressed that I've decided to share some of my students' work.

Recently I had a few sci-fi themed lessons with two students and one of the activities we did was to create a storyline for a picture (a little background was also given).

I found this and many other great writing prompts on this website: http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/

I decided that part of the writing exam will be that the students will have to write at least one paragraph from the story. They could choose to begin anywhere they liked. This is what one of my students has written:

Cinder, the story of a cyborg girl - (title given by me)


After the incident of her stepmother, Cinder decided to go to her secret place. She sneaked out of the house and went through the usual alley. She frequently checked for pursuers or someone who might follow her. She didn't want her safe place to be discovered by someone related to her mother. She didn't even dare to imagine what would happen if her mother get wind of it. She needed to endure a lot of verbal abuse and this pond was her means to cope with it.
After the short journey she arrived at her pond. This pond was surrounded by trees and was a quiet place in this fast-paced world. It was like a part of another world. She went for her usual spot and wanted to lay down there, just to discover someone already laying there. Her worst fears almost immediately kicked in, maybe her mother discovered it and already sent someone to fetch her, just to torment her more. While she was pondering what to do, she discovered something which made her fear be replaced with curiosity.
The man's limbs, because the person laying there was a man at first glance, were artificial.
Uppon closer look she discovered it was rather high quality work, althought it looked broken.


So then the idea occurred to me that perhaps we could have a little writing competition, or perhaps let's call it community-writing ;), and whomsoever wishes can continue in the comments. Then we might vote for the best parts and I'll publish the whole story, with names included, of course, on the blog. What do you think?

I've been in two minds about whether to share our original draft or let everyone use their own idea, but then the latter won out, so if you'd like to see it please ask me in the comment and I'll copy-paste it there.


  1. I wish I could write in Finnish, it would be so much rewarding! :) I loved all the creative writing exercises we had in the school. Actually, I miss them!

  2. Thank you Ruusu :) Actually, if you feel like it, I think you could write it in Finnish, and if anyone else who speaks Finnish happens upon this post, they might want to continue :)


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