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Fashion Feature - Velanch

Welcome to my new experimental series: Fashion Feature, in which I introduce artists and crafters and their works through fashion.

My third guest is Elena from Velanch. Her main material is sequins, and she creates round earrings with them almost exclusively. She loves colors and color combinations. I hope you'll enjoy looking at some of her creations.

Although the carnival season is over, I'd like to start with something sparkly and gold:


Spring is on full force and so are mint and pink combos:


And if it is spring, it is ice-cream time, and ice-cream color time, of course ;)

pink dress1, pink dress2, pink dress3, pink dress4

Finally, summer has arrived. Let's enjoy the sunset in this sun goddess dress and one of these pairs of gorgeous earrings:


Do you like Elena's creations? Why not head over to her shop, blog or Facebook page?

To visit other features, click here.

other images: ice-cream1, ice-cream2, ice-cream3, ice-cream4, ice-cream5


Sunny side up

Instead of Monday Mood board we now began to play My Friday Night Outfit.

This is my first outfit. It may be a bit cold for now but in the hope of getting a bit more sunshine I've chosen this sunny dress with these colorful accessories.

1. Dress by Foxparse

2. Earrings by AgateChristina

3. Necklace by Azulado

4. Cuff bracelet by pteradaktell

To check out more outfits, visit Estella's blog.


Dreamy - Monday Moodboard

Today is the last mood board - I'm going to miss you, mood boards.

Enjoy this dreaminess (clockwise from top left):

1. hand painted journal by Ucuspucus

2. dangle earrings by StaroftheEast

3. cloud photo by MyMonography

4. beach photo by PocketsofArt

Follow Estella's blog to see what's coming next :)


Happy Easter - Monday Moodboard

Easter is here and hopefully spring, too. Touch wood, but it looks like it has finally arrived: it's sunny and mild. Yippee! :)

Happy Easter everyone, don't eat too much chocolate! :P

1. Felted decorative Easter egg by Astashtoys

2. Wooden Easter Egg by Makihandmade

3. Felt Easter egg set by Felttess

4. Wet felted Easter decoration set by MiaPuPe

For more moodboards, visit Estella's blog.

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