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New things, almost finished

This is still not the direction I want to go now, but it seems like it may not be time yet. Maybe what I'd like will need a little more maturation. I have a few bits and pieces but they really are nothing to show, so I guess I will just have to wait until things really fall into place. That is such a hard period, so stressful, because I kind of know what I want but it just hasn't really materialized in my head. I have loads of vague ideas that are swirling there, I'm trying to grasp them but can't, then I get frantic and make things I didn't really want, end up with loads of bits I can do nothing with but discard, when finally, after some more frustration and impatience, peace arrives and with it real inspiration and what I really wanted comes to life. Have you experienced this? (I'm sure it is a silly question :D)

And the tassel, finished at last! It is to be attached to the large piece above - should it or shouldn't it be, that is the question? But I'm not sure if I like it or not, or even if it will stay in one piece.... (I used glue). What's your input?

My art deco cuff I've been so proud of. I have given it a bit of sanding, but I'm afraid it's gonna take much more to achieve the state where I want it to be. But I don't know, is it just me, or did it really look so much better before sanding? Or it might just be the different light conditions?

before sanding:

I have had these in the "to be finished" box for ages. Finally I sorted out the ends (had to cut them actually, as they broke as I twisted wire around them...), but then I wasn't happy with the smaller "stones", so I thought I'd add some more gold speckles. But the speckles became knife-cut wounds! :D What do you think? Is it really horrible? How can I save it? Or will anyone like it as it is? Maybe I should offer it for a give-away? What do you say? (By the way, the sanding of this piece was a real pain in the sitting body part! No wonder it has been waiting so long to be finished.)

Some more houses for my brother to put on his shelf. Elena suggested that they would look cool as a necklace, and I agree. However, probably not at this size unless you want to walk around bent to the ground... :D

And finally something new, I've been playing around with texture plates these days. When I have no impetus to clay, I draw on some styrofoam plates and then check what it looks like on some scrap piece. The only thing is that I'd need to make the marks deeper, so that the texture is higher, and when I add mica powder it doesn't smear like on these pieces.
I think these earrings will have some kind of an inner thingy hanging from them as well. And I'll need to figure out what to do with the edge. They're pretty big (of course), although maybe not as huge as some others I've made. I like them :)

and the seeds to hang inside:


  1. Dear Dori, I see LOTS of gorgeous, artful pieces here!!! The first necklace is to die for!
    But... I know, I know... that happens to me a LOT too... feeling so frustrated because you have so many ideas in your mind, and they don't really come together the way you'd like... and not really knowing where you're headed really. I guess that's a part of being an artist, maybe a "curse"... but a part of the creative process, and (I am positive about this!!!) each time again, the necessary, painful stage before a big leap towards a new shore :) I feel pretty much the same right now... SO many things in my head!!!!
    Have a lovely and restful weekend, Dori! :)

  2. Hey Annuk, thanks a lot, I love that necklace, too! Have been "hatching" it for a while now... And the beads, from up close, they are just so beautiful! (Sorry for the self-praise :D).
    What you are describing in your comment I think is another story. I had that at about this time last spring. Actually, I often have it. So many divergent ideas, and I couldn't decide where to start, and then I just couldn't get what I wanted.
    But what I have now is that I kind of know what I want but not very precisely. These are things of a similar vein, but somehow I can't see the individual pieces, only the general characteristics. Do you see what I mean? What you are describing, to me that is when you have so many separate ideas. Now I have one general idea, but it is vague. So it's kind of like top-down. All right, I'll stop before I confuse myself (and you :D) even more :D

    Thanks for the comment,

    Wishing you the same


  3. Dear Dori! Im very happy you accept the idea about 'Houses necklace' I can see it already! I love little houses, I have lots of magnets with them on my fridge, but the necklace its great way to take these cute houses everywhere with you!) I hope hoses lovers will be happy!)

    I love your tassel, but I dont know really.. the first necklace is amazing the way it is! Cant wait what you will decide!
    The bracelete is much better after sanding, and the necklace with blue and gold are great! Dont even think it not worth to be at your shop! But I cant wait for your giveaway! I wish these 2 followers will find the way to your shop soon!)

    Good luck dear Dori in your amazing and great idea, I hope you could catch it and share soon with us!

  4. Blogger hates me and just deleted my comment booo!

    Anyway. I was saying that my favourites are your art deco things, as well as little houses and the golden leaf leaves. really really pretty!

    I think what you are describing is what every creative person faces at some pont, like I get this all the time. Especially when I have a certain idea in mind that I want to draw, it never really works out the way I want it. On the other hand when I don't plan too much gems happen!

  5. so beautiful! all of them Dori! I just love them... I can't wait to see them finished....


  6. thank you all! :)

    Zina, I will finish them at some point, but now I'm more in the playing/experimenting period...

    Zyzz - yes, I know everyone goes through this periodically. blogger sometimes hates me, too, and I always lose the longest comments :D

    Elena, thank you :) The Houses-necklace, I'll store that away in my mind. Do you have any idea how long my list already is? :D

    As for the giveaway, I have reached the magic 1000 (yay! :), and I think I have decided what to give away. I'll just need some time because I think I should restock my shop a bit beforehand. Although when that will be... :S I've been a bit too focused on presents lately (boo on you, nice people :D). Still not too happy with the bracelet. Don't know why really.

    Thanks all for the nice comments.

  7. oh, and so, no tassel? grrr... I'll ask around again I think...


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