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Fashion Feature - EfZin Creations

Welcome to my new experimental series: Fashion Feature. I would like to introduce artists and crafters and their works through fashion.

My first guest is Zina from Greece. Her brand is EfZin Creations (meaning: "to live well") - she makes delightful jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches. Her main materials are lava beads, felted beads, buttons and beads that she makes by wrapping colorful thread on base beads.

First let's start with something post-winter. It's still very cold throughout Europe, and I love the warmth and softness of these felt pieces - the perfect accessory for a simple wool dress. They make a statement in and of themselves, and they really make an otherwise boring outfit pop.

To view EfZin's felt jewelry click on this beautiful necklace:

As we move towards spring and warmer weather hopefully, more delicate colors appear on our palette. Powdery pink, coral, gentle blues - for the tenderest feminine touch.

blue dress, black dress

For the more delicate pieces, click on this pendant necklace:

Pops of color, strong emerald, turquoise, hot pink, warm red - another look for spring.



And finally, summer arrives, bringing with it a rainbow of colors. Fun, lightweight, and full of summery color combos. 

If this sample of Zina's work has raised your interest, make sure to visit her shop, her blog and her Facebook page. :)


  1. wow! I love this post and this experiment! Thank you for featuring my creations...this is a great honor! But I also like this idea! I am looking forward for more posts from other artists!

    Thank you Dori!!!!!!!

    mats mouts

  2. Really amazing idea Dori! you are a genius! You could make a wonderful posts for fashion magazines!) Zina's works looks so beautiful with these dresses and collages!!!
    Will be waiting for more artists!)

  3. wonderful idea and excellent presentation!!
    Looking forward to more posts Dori!!

  4. Consider the experiment a successfull one dear! This post gets an A++++!!!!!

    Amazing work from both of you ladies!

  5. Thank you all on behalf of Zina and myself :)

    I have a few more lined up already, although most of them in draft form as yet. :)


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