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New things

I love this one. I wanted to make it into a picture with a girl falling to the bottom but it seemed it would be too crowded. So I'm making another one with the girl. The white pearls are supposed to be transparent with silver leaf in them after baking. If they don't turn out as I imagined I'll take them off. After baking I'll also sand off the extra mica powder from the bubbles. Update: oops, today I just couldn't leave it alone and added a little more mica. Well, quite some more... I'm afraid I may have overdone it a little... especially considering that I have no idea how I'm gonna sand the excess off from the plant parts... 

A new background for my third story necklace:

The newest in my art deco series:  

This is going to be a small camera pendant for a friend:

I added some antique gold paint to my black necklace:



  1. Wow, they are truly magnificent, Dori!!!! The "waterworld" collar necklace is amazing!! Your clay work is always so inspired and inspiring! Have a great week, my friend!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Anna! I love the name "Waterworld"! Can I use it as the name for the necklace?


  3. I would be so honored, Dori!!!! :D

  4. the 1st one is like underwater! amazing! great creations Dori. I love them all....

  5. Absolutely love the 1st water world one.


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