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New necklaces in the making

What do you think about the end of this large long necklace? The large center is double-sided, but how should it continue? Should it be the tassel? Or the little round tile? Or the little round tile and the square one as well? Only the square one? Or just the large center? Which version do you prefer?

This is the size (it really IS huge :):

An art deco cuff bracelet in the making:


  1. wow!!!!! amazing pieces!!! Are you going to finish them Dori???? or should I visit you?????? ha?


  2. I love with beaded tassels and with round tile!) Love the feature bracelet!

    And I just remember that you offered swap blog buttons, so I took your button and put it on my blog!

  3. Thanks a lot, girls :)

    Elena, I added your button :)

  4. thanks girls.

    Elena, so it should be either with the tassel or with the small round tile? thanks for the suggestions


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