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Some of my new winter jewelry in the making. The photos are not top notch, to say the least, but I hope you'll forgive me :D

The colors are a bit off here but they do look amazing, even if I say so myself :D

Truer colors:

I'll probably replace the two stripy segments with something else as the theme here is "galaxy". Or neckties :D

Here it is, and I think it looks much better:

This is where I got the shape from: http://pinterest.com/pin/212302569905529448/ - It seems they don't make these necklaces any more...

Galaxy earrings and brooch. Can't believe I made a brooch... :O


This one is a bit crooked on top, will have to fix it...

Winter holiday season

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to All!

1. greeting card by PaperandPaintRocks

2. pendant by mentalembellisher

3. snake necklace by Chudibeads

4. greeting card by ILoveCreatingCards

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