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Gloves - Monday moodboard

It's that time soon. Time to take the gloves out of the closet.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Sofia Sobeide
2. Alexmalexdesigns
3. Bysweetmom
4. Initasworks
5. LikeFreja
6. CloudberryFactory
7. Bysweetmom
8. Alexmalexdesigns
9. Sofia Sobeide
10. Joik
11. CloudberryFactory
12. Joik
Center: Pomber

I just love, love, love these gloves! And there are so many more it was a tough job to choose from them all. If you'd like to see more gloves by European sellers, you can browse to your heart's content here.

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And an extra (just couldn't leave it out, could you have?) :P



Monday Moodboard - Sleep

This morning it was so dark and foggy all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep. Ever felt this way on a Monday morning? ;)


by ArzuMusa

by SilentRoses

by aplusdesignnn

Yellow-Red Sleeping Dragon, needlefelted, orange, pumpkin, ochre...
by TheGreedyCrocodile

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Peas in October - Monday moodboard

It's still very warm and sunny here on the first day of October.

1. peas brooch by Briga

2. lariat scarf by lovelycrochet

3. earrings by Aliquid

4. journal by Baghy

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