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Show your hands to show your heart - Monday Moodboard

1. Oxhillcrafts
2. Vilnone 
3. CrochetPocket
4. HoneyAcid

Today's Monday Moodboard is a little different. We are all a bit broken-hearted by what's happening to craftsmen, artisans and artists who believe in the true meaning of handmade and creation.

There are still many people out there who actually make things by hand, using their OWN hands, thereby lending their items a personal touch, and not just literally.

Please support them so they can continue to create.
If you are a seller or a buyer on Etsy, join our silent protest on May 10, 2012 - we will all collectively close our shops for one day, hoping that our silence will be heard. www dot protesty dot com

You can also support us by changing your avatar to show your hands (whether you are a handmade, vintage or supply seller or a buyer) or alternatively using this image with a broken heart: http://www.protesty.com/avatar.jpg

If you are not on Etsy, you can help us by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other media outlet.

As of today there over 3100 shops have joined us. Thank you all for your support!


Monday moodboard - spring dreams

The featured items are from the following artists:

1) Pretty ballet flats in soft coral leather bythewhiteribbon

2) "Pink Dreams" nature photography by ElayneInspired  

3) A beautiful painting to put in your living room by AstaArtwork

4) A dreamy necklace by ISWASANDWILLBE


in the making

The newest Chessie necklaces after sanding and buffing:

bright neon polymer clay bib necklaces tribal blue and green hues

Bright neon polymer clay bib necklaces tribal, pink and orange hues

I hope to soon finish them and list them in my shop.


give credit where credit is due

sunset polymer clay earrings dangling earrings
Love the colors!

I've been asked many times recently, especially by my students or people who know me "from before" (note the quotation marks), how this whole claying thing came up. So this is how:

Once upon a time, on one rainy afternoon (like the one right now) I was browsing through Facebook when I saw some photos of clay jewelry that were "liked" by a FB friend. They caught my attention so I began clicking. I liked what I saw, and as I have always been crafty, but at the time didn't feel like starting any serious project (my purse- and picture-making had just been put on hold for a while), I decided to buy just a little bit of clay to experiment with. I did not want to invest much money or time in it but just satiate my curiosity. Very me.... :D

So I bought two packets of clay (boy, were they much more expensive than I'd expected!), and began the said play, first trying to create something similar to what I'd seen in those photos, and before you know it, I was fervently claying away......

Be sure to check out Tina's jewelry on Facebook (warning! highly addictive stuff!):

polymer clay earrings with bow

Rainy spring day - Monday Moodboard

If you live in Europe, you are probably having a rainy week. Here are some items from Etsy sellers to brighten up your days:

1. a pretty pink coin purse from retrospettive 
 2. a nice light pink pendant necklace from happyment 
 3. a cool cloud brooch by lacravatteduchien
4. and last but not least a photo with pretty wellies by OnAWhimPhotography

Look at the sellers' other items as well, you may find something sunny :)



These have just been shipped:

My new, more minimalistic packages for spring items:

I’ve been playing around with some old wrapping paper I found and designed a sort of “book cover” packaging for some of the items (I’d like to do them all when time allows). So far I think I have one for each of the Alice in Wonderland collection items. I added a nice “tag” with the name of the item on it on the front of the “cover”, and my shop name to the back.


in the making

So here's a photo of a new bib necklace I'm working on. It's going to be my second story-necklace (although haven't finished the first one yet...) based on one of my favorite stories: János vitéz, and the scene when he walks the Earth in search of his loved one.

I really like the "earth" part (the bottom, if you haven't figured it out...:D), but I have other ideas for it. And so now I'm not so sure whether I want to cover it up or not. Although I probably will...

The other thing is translation. I've been wondering how I should translate the title of the story into English so that it doesn't sound funny - or whether I should translate it at all? And as far as I know this story type can be found in many other nations' folk tales, so I may just use a universal title. I don't know...

(I so love unfinished sentences....:D)

Monday Moodboard

A very happy moodboard by OnePerfectDay (http://oneperfectday-accessories-and-bags.blogspot.com/)

OnePerfectDay: Monday MoodBoard - Bright Stripes: 1. AnnaWoz 2. AtelierGilet 3. PillowLink 4. XauXau Monday Mooodboard is a game played by the members of the European E tsy Team every Mo...


Monday moodboard:

Green: HaremRoyal, PeonyAndParakeet, RawLuxGems, Baghy


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