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Hats off

by polixeni19

 To put it mildly, I'm a sucker for hats. And I also love shoes, boots, sandals, flip-flops, bags and I'd better stop before I get too excited... :D

So here's my tribute to some of the coolest European-made winter hats for 2012:

The wintery collection, clockwise from top left:

1. LikeFreja - I love that little bunny tail on top ;)

2. Sofiasobeide

3. LikeFreja - and I have this hat and it's my absolute favoritest!

4. Sofiasobeide

And the tropical cocktail collection:

1. Afra

2. Sofiasobeide

3. Afra

4. Joik

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  1. love the mix of white and colorful hats you've picked, definitely some of the best in the team :-)

  2. oh, Dori I need a hat for every day of the week...of the month even:)
    Thank you!

  3. Great hats, I love them too, and all the other things you were mentioning ;)

  4. Oh yes, hats, hats, hats...sigh

    Freja - I think I actually do have one for every day of the week and more (okay, not for every day of the month yet :D)


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