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In progress

At last I forced myself to make a new in-progress post, so here it is (I apologize for the photos in advance... :D) These are some of the things I'm working on (and have been for the past few weeks, ermmm, months...):

My third story necklace:

I don't know what I was thinking when I made the background. I went totally overboard with the colors. Plus, it's too dark. I'll have to remake the entire thing with my original color palette, neater "needles" and I'll also have to figure out a way to attach them differently as well. I just don't like all the "gunk" there, which is actually liquid clay cured. And I probably won't bend the shape of the bib, either.

I'm quite happy with the bronze statuettes though :D. I like how the woman's robe turned out. This, by the way, is another Mid-Eastern story of a princess who found a beautiful young man in a garden sleeping with thousands of needles inserted into his body, and a note besides him saying that if someone removes all the needles carefully, not eating more than one walnut a day and only drinking enough water that would fit into a half walnut shell and they will keep vigil for 40 days and 40 nights, he will sneeze and wake up. When there are only a few needles left, the princess is so tired that she asks her servant girl (who is standing nearby) to watch over the prince, and who then removes the rest of the needles. The prince wakes up and mistaking the servant girl for the princess who really did all the job, marries her. The princess becomes a servant in the household and quietly suffers as the servant girl "reaps the rewards" for all her efforts.The end of the story is positive though and one day when I finish this necklace I will tell you.

The next one(s) have been inspired by Jagna's beautiful necklace and bracelet tiles. I especially love the depth in them. Jagna makes very distinctive art jewelry and her pieces are stunning. I have a few ideas for a Winter Wonderland necklace but I think these icicle pieces will be used for something else - if anything at all. I'm not quite as happy with them as I thought I would.

I like some of these much better:

They look a lot nicer "in person" and when the light conditions are "normal".

The following is the soon(?)-to-be Winter Wonderland necklace. Again, it doesn't look very impressive in the picture, but it's much nicer in reality and I hope I will be able to take good photos of it once it's finished. The middle "creature" is not what I'm going to use on the necklace, this was just a trial piece.

So one question remains: which shape is the best for the center?


And the winner is:

I'm looking forward to my pensioner years when I can finally finish it. But who knows, by then maybe global warming will have completely eliminated winters so no one will know what I mean... :D

The next one is going to be a jade piece. Well, it is already one, actually, it just needs a nice back. I don't know what it is with me and jade, but I just can't seem to give up trying to create something out of faux jade. And I really don't know why :D (Earlier, I had a failed attempt at a jade bracelet. Then some pendants I was never happy with. And a few jade beads in between that I just really didn't like. I'm surprisingly satisfied with this one though.)

Well, that's all I managed to take photos of. There is also a necklace I named Broken China which I'm very excited about, but I haven't gotten around to photographing it. It will be gold and white and I can't wait to finish it or at least show the pictures. :)


  1. Dori, all your projects are so inspiring!
    I think you should not be as the princess from the story necklace and you have to finish what you have started! I love the idea of more informal winter piece!
    Jade one is very fashion and in the same time looks like clever investment;)

  2. Thanks Freja :D

    I have actually made the center part of the white winter necklace, but I'm a bit unsure about it. The tile looks too thick to me - will put up pictures. Hopefully better ones :)


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