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Hummingbirds - Monday Moodboard

I know these items have not much to do with the season and all, but I saw Mada's gorgeous hummingbird earrings, and I just had to showcase them!

1. Beautifully ethereal or ethereally beautiful photo by JKphotography

2. the only pieces which are actually timely: green ceramic Christmas decorations by damsontreepottery

3. a romantic green-teal tunic by cutrag

4. and Mada's hummingbird earrings.

For more gorgeousness, visit Esther and Estella's blog.


  1. Great mood !
    Thank you so much Dori

  2. Amazing items!! Love the colors!!!!!

  3. Thank you girls, I also think they are sooo beautiful one by one and altogether as well :)

  4. great picks! love the bright pop of color here :-)

  5. I love those earrings too. And your collection is great


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