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For the feet - Monday moodboard

Last week I was focusing on the hands. This week it is the feet, especially that I just bought a pair of gorgeous trainers that I absolutely didn't need :D How can trainers be gorgeous? Well, they are small, soft and have an amazing oily forest green color! (And how about some photographic evidence, you may ask. Well, I did take photos but it's been so grey today that they turned out quite dull...)

So here is a very small sample of gorgeous European handmade shoes, slippers, flats and other footwear (of course I couldn't leave out the fairy gear ;). Be sure to check out these shops and browse around, you may just find the perfect pair.

Clockwise from top left:

1., 6. AgnesFelt
2., 4. Kadabros
3., 7., center Elehandmade
5. Elijana
8. Zavesfelt

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  1. Wonderful, cozy and warm! I love this Moodboard!

  2. Fun theme :D I especially like the pair in the middle :)

  3. Hihi Dori,I know what you mean with buying things that you don't need :D I do it all the time and I always complain I don't have enough clothes! But i would sure like a pair of cozy warm slippers!

  4. Katerina, you little greedy minx :P :D

    Yes, I totally know the feeling of buying things I don't need. But at least I've been wearing these shoes ever since. :)

    Alj, I love those in the center to bits! I wish I could afford to buy "real" shoes more often :)

  5. hey I just love your theme! enjoy your new shoes :-)


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