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Egyptian wing necklace

Another piece I've been working on lately is a wing shaped Egyptian style necklace, somewhat similar to this earlier necklace of mine

  and also this ancient Egyptian brooch to the right
 Here is my template:

My first idea was to cut out the pattern, like I did with my art nouveau necklace:

hmmm, looks nice.

After smoothing the edges a bit, using a knitting needle:

Not exactly what I was going for. Seems like I can't do a very tidy job with the needle and other tools, and it's just way too small to use my fingers. A bit distorted here:

One piece of "tile" in place. I had a trial with a scrap sheet.

Mmm, I don't know. Maybe I should cure the whole frame first, and then add the tiles. But how to smooth them into the recesses? Or should I bake them, too, and then simply glue them in place with liquid clay? Too many questions, too many questions.

How about making a cast with furrows in it. Too much work? Too much scrap clay?

This is a trial piece:

What if I simply use the "wire" method? Claygun, here I come. - I haven't taken photos here but it looks to me like it's even more work with even more questionable results.

Back to the beginning: In the meantime, I totally accidentally came across this cloisonne tutorial, and it gave me the idea that I would actually try the casting method. I still haven't figured out how I am going to add the tiles, but let's worry about that another day.

To be continued....


  1. Ah dori, i love your work! And this is so interesting! And you truly eperiment and stuff, it ooke soo goood :)

  2. Thanks Zyzz :) I thought no one read my blog posts :D. I seem to have a special talent for arriving at the same result as others already have arrived by the longest possible route :DD But actually, this is exactly why I do it! :D

  3. I am curious how you are going to solve the case;)
    For me it is a journey with the right speed...you know...my type of tv show:))
    I am sure it would be gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Freja :) - I have actually made a cast, and just realized that I'm gonna have to make another one for the other wing... grrrrr... :D

    I've tried it already, and it looks fine, although a bit different from how I imagined, but still good. When - it is another question... :D


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