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Monday Moodboard - Chunky greens

I just love these chunky greens right now:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Necklace by rRradionica

2. Enchanted forest necklace by TomBjornDesigns

3. Wool yarn bead necklace by Ylleanna

5. Chunky ultramarine green neckwarmer by Ylleanna

6. Green fiber necklace by rRradionica

8. Headband by Zembil


Felt ball ring by Mellsva

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Playing with molds

Nipple necklace:

Made with a mold using a button. This was absolutely not my intention, but when they came out of the oven and I looked at them, I was like: yay, I got myself a nipple necklace :D. I guess I could submit it to Regretsy or something...


Egyptian wing necklace

Another piece I've been working on lately is a wing shaped Egyptian style necklace, somewhat similar to this earlier necklace of mine

  and also this ancient Egyptian brooch to the right
 Here is my template:

My first idea was to cut out the pattern, like I did with my art nouveau necklace:

hmmm, looks nice.

After smoothing the edges a bit, using a knitting needle:

Not exactly what I was going for. Seems like I can't do a very tidy job with the needle and other tools, and it's just way too small to use my fingers. A bit distorted here:

One piece of "tile" in place. I had a trial with a scrap sheet.

Mmm, I don't know. Maybe I should cure the whole frame first, and then add the tiles. But how to smooth them into the recesses? Or should I bake them, too, and then simply glue them in place with liquid clay? Too many questions, too many questions.

How about making a cast with furrows in it. Too much work? Too much scrap clay?

This is a trial piece:

What if I simply use the "wire" method? Claygun, here I come. - I haven't taken photos here but it looks to me like it's even more work with even more questionable results.

Back to the beginning: In the meantime, I totally accidentally came across this cloisonne tutorial, and it gave me the idea that I would actually try the casting method. I still haven't figured out how I am going to add the tiles, but let's worry about that another day.

To be continued....

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