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Gloves - Monday moodboard

It's that time soon. Time to take the gloves out of the closet.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Sofia Sobeide
2. Alexmalexdesigns
3. Bysweetmom
4. Initasworks
5. LikeFreja
6. CloudberryFactory
7. Bysweetmom
8. Alexmalexdesigns
9. Sofia Sobeide
10. Joik
11. CloudberryFactory
12. Joik
Center: Pomber

I just love, love, love these gloves! And there are so many more it was a tough job to choose from them all. If you'd like to see more gloves by European sellers, you can browse to your heart's content here.

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And an extra (just couldn't leave it out, could you have?) :P



  1. Adorable! I need to look for some new gloves myself :) I love knitted ones... but leather gloves ar so much warmer...

  2. Amazing, beautiful gloves collection!

  3. Cute!...
    Let's have a great week!...:))

  4. the very last ones look awesome! Can't take my eyes of them ;)

    Very cozy selections, warms me up ;)

  5. I need some gloves!!!!! I'm used to go by bike everywhere and now my hands are frozing! Thanks for sharing those great gloves Dori!!!

  6. wow! so many great and capable hands in beautiful gloves!!! Thank you, Dori for including my fingerless in this creative mozaic!

  7. Very wide selection... :P
    I love your finds!

  8. Thank you all!

    I also am in love with all of these gloves! Especially the last pair. Wow!

    Aljona, it depends on the leather. I have some which are not very warm but I have a pair my grandpa made (he was a fur-maker) which are lined with fur on the inside and they are so hot as an oven or something :D. I also have knitted mittens which have a layer of lining in them and they are pretty warm, too.


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