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There is a little article about me on Facebook, written by my friend, Zina from ΕυΖην Creations.

Here it is in Greek and in English:

Συνεργασίες Νο3 – Cooperation Νο3
As you already know, from time to time we are having a small “tribute” to artists/crafters that we love their work and at the same time they have helped/promoted ours. We have already written about Dimitra and Juan for their amazing work. Today I would like to be referred to a girl that lives in Hungary and started crafting jewels as a hobby but after a while it

became a passion. Please let me introduce you Dori.

Όπως ήδη γνωρίζετε περιστασιακά αναφερόμαστε σε φίλους δημιουργούς των οποίων θαυμάζουμε τη δουλειά και παράλληλα εκτιμάμε το γεγονός ότι μας έχουν υποστηρίξει στις προσπάθειες μας. Ως τώρα έχουμε κάνει ενα μικρό αφιέρωμα στον Juan και στη Δήμητρα. Σήμερα θα αναφερθούμε σε μία κοπέλα από την Ουγγαρία που άρχισε ως χομπυ να φτιάχνει κοσμηματάκια και στη συνέχεια έγινε το πάθος της, την Dori.

Even I have never met her face to face, I have chat with her and we are both in the same promotional etsy team. She is a very passionate girl, friendly, not selfish at all, with a great positive temper and a great sense of humor. She loves animals and eats too much chocolate!

Αν και ποτέ δεν την έχουμε συναντήσει, έχουμε μιλήσει και συνεργαστεί πολλές φορές και ανήκουμε στην ίδια ομάδα του etsy. Είναι ένα κορίτσι με πάθος γι αυτό που κάνει, φιλικό, καθόλου εγωίστρια, γεμάτη θετική ενέργεια και φοβερή αίσθηση του χιούμορ. Αγαπάει τα ζώα και λατρεύει να τρώει σοκολάτα!

Dori started her carrier by creating bags and purses and continue by creating items from clay, known as fimo. An autodidactic crafter, who with her persistence and patience, creates all these amazing stuff. As she said:

Η Dori άρχισε να δημιουργεί τσάντες, και επεκτάθηκε στις δημιουργίες με polymer clay, το γνωστό fimo. Μια αυτοδίδακτη δημιουργός, που με επιμονή και υπομονή δημιουργεί όλα αυτά τα όμορφα πράγματα. Όπως λέει και η ίδια:

«. When I was a kid I went to a summer camp and we learned all sorts of things, but it was a long time ago. And no clay then. I always wanted to try ceramics, but they said I was too little, and by the time I grew older, the pottery wheel was gone :( boo :D

I also tried to make jewelry out of everything - buttons, my parrot's feathers and I don't remember what else. I think it's lots of fun. »

You can easily admire her work by visiting her blog site or fcb page:

Μπορείτε να θαυμάσετε τη δυλεια της στο προσωπικό της blog και στη σελίδα της στο fcb.


Καλη συνέχεια Dori!!!!
Thank you Zina :)


Giveaway - Játék!

I have decided to organize my very first giveaway. You can win this beautiful turquoise bib necklace:

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below. I'm going to draw the winner using a random name generator software, to make things fair and above-board, of course. I will close the game on September 30th.

Oh, about the necklace: it is made of polymer clay, the faux turquoise stone in the center as well as the rest of it. It is adjustable with an extender chain so thicker and thinner necked people can also wear it. The chain is gold colored and it closes with a lobster clasp. snip-snip

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