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Monday Moodboard - Cake

Cheesecake with chocolate-mocha ganache and caramel sauce

Ready for diabetes?


I just finished this embellished cheesecake. It is soft and fluffy like a pillow. But it's also a deadly weapon, containing loads of cream, butter, sugar and other deadly yumminess. Enjoy ;)


Crochet purse: LikeFreja
Paris photo: OverTheRainbowPrints
Ceramic brooch: Azulado
Earrings: StaroftheEast
Clay pendant: MoonsafariBeads
Journal: MedievalJourney
Hair sticks: AncientMuse

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  1. wow, the cake looks really yummy!I am a chocoholic:)) Thank for mentioning my shop too! Would like to try my blueberry panna cotta? mmm?

  2. LOL :)
    Thanks so much for the yummy feature :)

  3. Dori, how can you do this to chocoholics? I am going to bite off my keyboard ;)
    Thank you for featuring my photo in this delicious collection.

  4. Girls, this cake is insanely good. But: the caramel sauce has hardened up like concrete! What should I do? This is the end of the world. Heeeeeelp.....

    ...25 min and 12 laps later...

    nom nom nom nom nom....

    Freja, can I have a bit of your panna cotta? Just to calm myself... :P

    ^^ sugar rush, don't blame me :D

  5. great list! and yummy stuff above....


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