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Saturday Style 3


Art deco beginnings

The making of my art deco necklace.

And the end result, after curing, sanding, buffing and attaching it to a chain:


Transition to autumn


Monday Moodboard - Cake

Cheesecake with chocolate-mocha ganache and caramel sauce

Ready for diabetes?


I just finished this embellished cheesecake. It is soft and fluffy like a pillow. But it's also a deadly weapon, containing loads of cream, butter, sugar and other deadly yumminess. Enjoy ;)


Crochet purse: LikeFreja
Paris photo: OverTheRainbowPrints
Ceramic brooch: Azulado
Earrings: StaroftheEast
Clay pendant: MoonsafariBeads
Journal: MedievalJourney
Hair sticks: AncientMuse

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A package going to New York. Me likes it :)


Creative writing with students

This was a writing assignment we did with two of my students a while back. I had two photos and a piece of incomplete text I'd written for the first one, which they then had to complete. Then they had to write an entirely new story in their chosen style for the second photo and then re-write it choosing another style. These are the pieces that were made:

Undramatic happenings in London

The unknown not-burglar strikes again.

A man in his mid-forties unburglered a house yesterday morning in an area of Innocentown, unstealing several valuables in the amount of over 15000 dollars, leaving them in the upstairs bedroom.
Neil Weekfoot, 43, is convicted of several charges of unbreaking and entering. His lawyer, Mr. Schrewd, confirmed earlier today, that his client had been so startled by the scene of the uncrime upon arrival and his conscious-stricken appearance in the bedroom mirror that he decided to uncommit the crime and quickly left the premises. To his ill luck, he was accosted by Mr. NotSoRich, 31, owner of the house as he was about to step outside the sliding doors.

 "I was totally shocked when I saw every one of my valuables, even my engagement ring, was untouched. You can imagine my feelings when I saw my life's work in the place where I left it. Intact!!" - said the owner, Mr. NotSoRich after the incident.

Neil Weekfoot is not arrested and will be free and regretful to the end of his life.

A bedtime story