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Monday Moodboard - Marks

We all leave marks wherever we go and on whatever we touch. We leave marks with our work, our relationships, our creations and in many other ways. Today I'm thinking of these marks we make and leave behind to be found by those that will come after us and what they may think. What will they think about our marks in 100 years? In 1000? Or even further in the future? (Provided there's no zombie apocalypse before then... :D)

1. Shakespeare's Secret journal by MedievalJourney

2. Pastel ring by zsbekefi

3. Polymer clay art pendant by Jagna

4. Modern tribal Mayan print by Katlix

5. Hand drawing in marker and oil pastels by anapina

6. Floral art drawing by Siret

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Have a nice, mark-leaving week ;)


  1. Beautiful mood, and interesting thoughts!

    Thank you so much for the feature! I'm proud to be paired with Jagnas work!

  2. Awsome finds and well written thoughts.

  3. I vote for zombie apocalipse it would be much more interesting :)))
    Anyway great choices! :)

  4. Serious thoughts:) I love your choices through!

  5. wow starting the week with philosophical thinking AND a zombie apocalypse!! great picks by the way :-)

  6. Aleka - I always start Monday morning with a 2-volume philosophy book that I finish while sipping my coffee, and in the meantime, my other self is dreaming about a zombie apocalypse. After these enjoyable 5 minutes I put on my superhero cloak and go get some serious work done... ;)

    Anda - are you afraid of what our descendants will find? :P


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