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Monday moodboard - The heat is on

It's hot again. And by hot, I mean boiling, sweltering, sweaty, itchy hot. Enjoy these sunny and sea-breeze-y pieces today.
sun crochet necklace resin bib necklace felted sun brooch enamel fish earrings statement cotton cord necklace crochet tutorial

1. Cute fish dangle earrings from StarDelights

2. Sun felted brooch from vilnone

3. A cool necklace from superlittlecute

4. Fun little beach scene PDF tutorial from oneandtwocompany

5. A trendy sun necklace from LikeFreja

6. A funky sea-faring bib necklace from ThePurpleBalloon

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  1. same here too, I hate the boiling itchy heat :-(
    But I love your moodboard, it's fun and happy!

  2. Lots of lovely finds! Wish we had some of your heat :)

  3. perfect accessories for a day on the beach!

  4. Nice vacation mood! Summer is so short, so let's go to the beach:) Thanks!

  5. beautiful finds prefect for a happy mood!


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