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Dogs are our best friends


Dogs are humans' best friends. They have been our companions in one way or another for around 15,000 years, they have evolved with us, they have learned to communicate with us, to participate in our activities, to help us and protect us and most importantly, to love us. Dogs are more human than people in many ways.

Remember, if you abandon your dog, it will hurt it the same way it hurts a small child to be abandoned by its parents. Those who can, please help take care of those less fortunate doggies like Urchin, our mascot dog at the EuropeanStreetTeam on Etsy. Thank you.

1. Custom dog portrait by StudioBee - by purchasing a portrait you also support a dog rescue organization in Romania

2. "Love" mouse from TheHouseOfMouse

3. Bali Friends forever united original painting by Pepponi

4. Always faithful - print by Dialno

For more information, visit Estella's and Esther's blog, star-of-the-east, they are the ones who found this lovely dog and have been helping him.


  1. Well written Dori and cute moodboard.

  2. Urchin is very lucky that Esther and Estella found him! My dog Shadow sends a big warm 'woof' to him!

  3. lovely moodboard! we lost our dog to old age last year and it really was like losing a family member, we still haven't gotten over it. They are wonderful amazing creatures and I really can't understand how anyone could be cruel to them.
    a big hug to Urchin, hoping he finds a family :-)

  4. Aleka - sorry to hear that! I lost my parrot to old age at the age of 21 (she was 21, I was 28) and I still miss her! Even though she was not a dog, she was our "family dog" :D I've never had a dog myself but if I had a garden I would take every dog home! :)

  5. A lovely collection! Hooray for Urchin, and our wonderful Esther and Estella :)

  6. Thank you so much for all the support you have shown, it means so much to us!


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