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Monday Moodboard - Strawberries

Mmmm, strawberries. I just bought some sweet and succulent strawberries. Unfortunately, I spilled them all on the floor. Well, okay, to be honest I'm obsessed with my new shoes and just had to take photos of them! And let's not forget the obligatory ironic mustache as well, they make great shoe clips ;)

So my mood today is strawberry red. A very deep and sweet red which I wish to recreate in polymer clay, but so far I haven't succeeded. Clayers out there - any ideas?

These lovely items can be found here:

1. a Frida Kahlo-inspired beautiful bracelet in fleurfatale's shop,

2. a cozy scarf from tricotaria,

3. a red poppy brooch from crafts2love and

4. a fiery ceramic ring from azulado.

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  1. Strawberries are my favourite - a they make a nice cheerful mood !

  2. wonderful reds! hope you figure out how to recreate it in clay, that would be super cool :-)
    have a great week!

  3. Your strawberries, your shoes and your moodboard: I love them all! :)

  4. I have some strawberries right now on my desk :D So i enjoy you're moodboard while I'm eating them :P

  5. Okay, now I think I've eaten too many strawberries....

  6. Fantastic reds! I love strawberries too.

  7. Those strawberies are so sweet. Love your strawberry photos and the moodboard. Fantastic.

  8. Love your mood board!!!!So yummy!)

  9. Thank you girls!

    Hope everyone will have loads of strawberries this week! :D


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