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Monday Moodboard - Raspberries

Luscious berries from MyMonography

Raspberries oh how I love picking you from the bush next to the bus stop while I wait. And it seems like I just can't get enough:

1. Trendy top with beautiful lace details from lamarquisedesanges

2. Fun hedgehog pillow from EarthLab

3. Victoria Earrings (which remind me more of red currants than raspberries, but this is what makes the berry palette complete ;) by Chameleonite

4. Fun woven bracelet from ExoticFlavour (Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt, but I just had to include it, it looks so yummy)

5. Crochet lace cuff by bysweetmom

6. Fairy garland by LaNiqueHOME

7. A lovely clutch purse in raspberry gradient colors by Yanettine

8. Gorgeous freeform beaded necklace by ibics

9. A beautiful drop necklace from ElvesGarden



  1. I can smell the raspberies and sun. Such a pretty choices.

  2. Yummy again!
    i am waiting for some chocolate cake moodboard next monday! :P

  3. Gorgeous!

    Látom megszűnt a blah..., tobzódsz a színekben... örülök :)
    De a nálam hagyott bejegyzésed nem értem...:(


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