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Monday Moodboard - Blah

Today's mood is annoyed and headachy.

Just one of those days when it's hot and sticky outside, super-noisy construction work has been going on for hours, you're hungry and tired and are just feeling blah. I'm in the mood for a little indulgent whining session, so leave your complaints of any nature in the comment section!

Clockwise from top left:

1. The tiger scream, resin necklace by Renathe Schneider

2. Frustration by schalle

3.Stress by ArtMind - they have a shop with many "feeling" sculptures, they're pretty cool!

4. The Angry Prince by Pepponi


  1. I have the same mood dear:( but I am sorry to here this for you...

  2. what a horrible way to start the week! I do believe things can only get better, so hang in there :-)

  3. Tomorrow is another day! Your finds are great!!

  4. thanks girls, but it's nothing serious at all. Just blah... :D

  5. and the ice cream has melted :D

  6. Here is too hot. Hope tomorrow is better for you Dori.

  7. Always funny! .... or I'm wrong? ;)

  8. No HEra, I really have felt blah all day, but I'm poking fun at myself. :D

    Thanks for the sympathy, girls, there was really nothing to it. I hoped to have a bit of a complaint session, you know, sharing all those unimportant grievances, like how a dog keeps barking or there's this horribly annoying neighbor again etc etc... It's good for the soul sometimes ;)

  9. Aw, sorry you're feeling blah! Love your choices :)


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