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Monday Moodboard - Dirty dishes

A fun evening by InspireSomebodyLLC

Why is it that every time
I finally do the washing up
the amount of dirty dishes
doubles within an hour?!

 Today my moodboard is a tribute to my inability to stay on top of dish-washing:

moodboard collage of ceramic dishes and silverwear cutlery jewelry
1. A set of silverware for me by AlexMOS, one which I won't need to wash because it's a necklace :)

2. EJbutik presents a breakfast serving tray that I can just leave around the bed for days and won't have to wash ;)

3. 3 little dishes TikaCeramics - these are just too nice to eat from, so I won't ever need to wash them!!!

4. Silverware hanging from a cloud by Factory On The Moon- hope the rain will wash it clean!

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Ps. I'm hiring. Please leave your resumes in the comment section! :P


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    1. Végre előkerült a blogod...! :) el voltam szontyolodva, hogy elveszett !
      Funny photo, great picks!

  2. Dori, this is so funny. You made me laugh. My dishes do the same :)))

  3. so funny! I try to ignore the dishes in the hope that someone else will take care of them, lazy I know but it's my most hated chore!

  4. Thanks girls! And you know what?! Today I've conquered it all!!! Yay! :D

    Evi, I somehow suspected you were that kind of a girl :PPP

    Aleka - I don't actually hate it, only when it accumulates... What I really can't stand is dusting... brrrr

    Katerina - so you reckon it's some kind of natural phenomenon then? That makes me feel so much better :D I've always had a hunch that it's not really me.... :P

    Have a great week, girls!

  5. Very funny Dori :P

    I always wash them right after I've eated, this way there's never a pile :D


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