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HadmadeMode - the first issue

HandmadeMode magazine

Today is the publication of the first issue of a new magazine, dreamed up and created by my friend, Sandra. When about two months ago the latest Etsy scandal over resellers broke out, many of us went on strike and protested, while Sandra decided to instead look forward and create a sort of directory in the shape of a magazine. This magazine would feature true handmade artists, artisans and crafters and allow the readers to get a glimpse into their creative worlds. This magazine would be a tribute to those people who still believe in the power of individual creation. This magazine would inspire and guide those who are happy to support the handmade idea and the people behind it.

And voila, here's the magazine:

Open publication - Free publishing - More art

Thank you Sandra for your dedication and hard work!


  1. Látom megtaláltad Te is...;)))

  2. Amazing Magazine!!!! Love all your work on it girls!)

  3. Congratulation to your friend Sandra, innovation and moving forward...excellent.


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