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Monday Moodboard - Raspberries

Luscious berries from MyMonography

Raspberries oh how I love picking you from the bush next to the bus stop while I wait. And it seems like I just can't get enough:

1. Trendy top with beautiful lace details from lamarquisedesanges

2. Fun hedgehog pillow from EarthLab

3. Victoria Earrings (which remind me more of red currants than raspberries, but this is what makes the berry palette complete ;) by Chameleonite

4. Fun woven bracelet from ExoticFlavour (Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt, but I just had to include it, it looks so yummy)

5. Crochet lace cuff by bysweetmom

6. Fairy garland by LaNiqueHOME

7. A lovely clutch purse in raspberry gradient colors by Yanettine

8. Gorgeous freeform beaded necklace by ibics

9. A beautiful drop necklace from ElvesGarden



Monday Moodboard - Blah

Today's mood is annoyed and headachy.

Just one of those days when it's hot and sticky outside, super-noisy construction work has been going on for hours, you're hungry and tired and are just feeling blah. I'm in the mood for a little indulgent whining session, so leave your complaints of any nature in the comment section!

Clockwise from top left:

1. The tiger scream, resin necklace by Renathe Schneider

2. Frustration by schalle

3.Stress by ArtMind - they have a shop with many "feeling" sculptures, they're pretty cool!

4. The Angry Prince by Pepponi


Monday Moodboard - Dirty dishes

A fun evening by InspireSomebodyLLC

Why is it that every time
I finally do the washing up
the amount of dirty dishes
doubles within an hour?!

 Today my moodboard is a tribute to my inability to stay on top of dish-washing:

moodboard collage of ceramic dishes and silverwear cutlery jewelry
1. A set of silverware for me by AlexMOS, one which I won't need to wash because it's a necklace :)

2. EJbutik presents a breakfast serving tray that I can just leave around the bed for days and won't have to wash ;)

3. 3 little dishes TikaCeramics - these are just too nice to eat from, so I won't ever need to wash them!!!

4. Silverware hanging from a cloud by Factory On The Moon- hope the rain will wash it clean!

For more moodboards visit StaroftheEast.

Ps. I'm hiring. Please leave your resumes in the comment section! :P


HadmadeMode - the first issue

HandmadeMode magazine

Today is the publication of the first issue of a new magazine, dreamed up and created by my friend, Sandra. When about two months ago the latest Etsy scandal over resellers broke out, many of us went on strike and protested, while Sandra decided to instead look forward and create a sort of directory in the shape of a magazine. This magazine would feature true handmade artists, artisans and crafters and allow the readers to get a glimpse into their creative worlds. This magazine would be a tribute to those people who still believe in the power of individual creation. This magazine would inspire and guide those who are happy to support the handmade idea and the people behind it.

And voila, here's the magazine:

Open publication - Free publishing - More art

Thank you Sandra for your dedication and hard work!


Monday Moodboard - Strawberries

Mmmm, strawberries. I just bought some sweet and succulent strawberries. Unfortunately, I spilled them all on the floor. Well, okay, to be honest I'm obsessed with my new shoes and just had to take photos of them! And let's not forget the obligatory ironic mustache as well, they make great shoe clips ;)

So my mood today is strawberry red. A very deep and sweet red which I wish to recreate in polymer clay, but so far I haven't succeeded. Clayers out there - any ideas?

These lovely items can be found here:

1. a Frida Kahlo-inspired beautiful bracelet in fleurfatale's shop,

2. a cozy scarf from tricotaria,

3. a red poppy brooch from crafts2love and

4. a fiery ceramic ring from azulado.

If you are hungry for more moodboards, you can find some more here:



My very first story necklace - almost done

At last it's in its final stages:

Story necklace polymer clay bib necklace

Now all I need to do is sand and buff it a bit, and then see if maybe it could bear some liquid clay or if I just want to leave it as is. And then decide on what to hang it on.
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