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Bunny and Clyde - Monday moodboard

BREAKING NEWS - Plush animals at large
Irod Iknaj, Peuters

Earlier today a group of plush animals from the online handmade selling site, Etsy, attempted a bank hold-up in the People State of Europe.

The animals finally decided to unite their powers and stand up against banks and governments alike. "We are very distressed about the state of affairs. Many of us have only had plush vegetables for weeks. For once we would like real food, and smell the genuine scent of freshly cut grass, not something that comes in a bottle!" - said Mousey Timid-Longtail Whiskers Mouse, a seller of handmade crochet humans.

Wielding vintage revolvers and phone receivers, the plush animals broke into PSE's central bank, wearing elaborately embroidered nuno felted Homo Sapiens Sapiens masks to conceal their true identities. The estimated amount of cash they have taken exceeds a gazillion EMD (European Monopoly Dollars).When asked what they would spend their bounty on, the reply came unanimously: "- We're going to splash out on lemon cake and Chanel 5!"

Spokesmen for the European Government and Bank have been unavailable for comment.

Plush disobedience

1. Some of them have been caught: Prisoner legs bookmark by Olena
2. Others are enjoying lemon cupcakes: Post earrings by PetitPlat
3. If you see this plush, call your nearest police station immediately!: Fox mask by BHBKidstyle
4. Some are still on the run: Leaving on a jet plane art print by puikeprent

Credits also go to: Veronika, Kadabros, Heyme, Jagna,
Sandra, Sirli, Brigitte and Lucie (hope I haven't left anyone out)


  1. Replies
    1. And thank you very much! Forgot my manners in the laugh!

  2. so funny!! absolutely love it ♥♥♥

  3. Fantastic! You made me laugh Dori, so good :)

  4. Dori- this is so funny! I love it! You should write more stories like this one! And i love your selection too!

  5. Dori, now you made my day. Hillarious. LOL

  6. Funny...:)) és ironikus..., sajnos egy lépés előre, kettő hátra...hej magyaros virtus :))

  7. HEra - ezt az egyet előre kettőt hátra mire értetted?

  8. :-D
    ... és majd viszek kis almás pitét a börtönbe nektek, jó?
    (Örülök, hogy tetszett a cím!)

  9. a magyaros virtusra, kezdeményezünk, de mindig a fejünkre koppintanak....:))

  10. Nagyon jó, Vera!

    Várjuk az almáspitét! Belesüthetnél valami rézdarabot, h kinyithassuk vele a zárakat... :D

  11. HEra, azt nem értettem csak, h hogy jött ez ide, mert ezt nem konkrét helyzetre írtam :) (persze lehet arra is értelmezni, és irónia is van benne, de csak úgy a nagy általánosságnak címezve).

    Na majd ha lesz időm, megírom az eredetmondáját :D (a mai beszélgetés az estspirit-en)

  12. bocs..., elvonatkoztattam...:))

  13. So funny... and very creative :)

  14. HEra, asszem neked is csatlakoznod kéne, és az meg elvonná a figyelmed az elvonatkoztatásról... :D - például festhetnél vörös selymeket, amiket lehetne lóbálni a banki személyzet előtt, h elterelődjön a figyelmük :D

  15. Kadabros - not my idea! Remember, you and Jagna started it? :D

    Actually, I think we could sell the idea on the bank robbers' market! :D

  16. Haha! Very funny Dori :P Never thought my bunny was such a rebel!

  17. Absolutely fantastic, Dori!

  18. You are something else Dori! :-))))

  19. Lol - This is just the funniest moodboard :-P


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