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Creature part 2

Creature: part 2

 A verrrry long sheet gets folded up and then I will cut slices of it. I then send it through the pasta machine to make it longer and thinner.

Then I cut circles out of it to shape the dome from.

The next thing is to create the domed shape. I use the wrong end of a crochet needle on the cut out circle.
It is ready to be attached to the body of the creature. I use liquid clay to make sure they stick.

I add the center ball and texture it with a knitting needle.
There it is. Our creature is done and ready to be admired: 

Polymer clay sea creature


Wordless Wendesday - May 23

I'm not stepping into the flowerbed before anyone would think that... :D


In the baking - photos of items in progress

How to make a creature? Part one (Click for part 2)

First I mix the colors, using my pasta machine.

 Here are the colors I'm finally satisfied with (after several runs in the machine):

Next, I make a Skinner blend:

Then I take a clump of scrap clay and shape it into the shape I'd like in the end:

Now comes the tricky part: wrapping the sheet of clay around the "base", and then smoothing it out:

Yay! It's beginning to take shape! Now on with the texturing. I use the "wrong" end of crocheting needles:

Almost there:


Et voila! We got ourselves a creature!

Now into the oven it goes...

Bunny and Clyde - Monday moodboard

BREAKING NEWS - Plush animals at large
Irod Iknaj, Peuters

Earlier today a group of plush animals from the online handmade selling site, Etsy, attempted a bank hold-up in the People State of Europe.

The animals finally decided to unite their powers and stand up against banks and governments alike. "We are very distressed about the state of affairs. Many of us have only had plush vegetables for weeks. For once we would like real food, and smell the genuine scent of freshly cut grass, not something that comes in a bottle!" - said Mousey Timid-Longtail Whiskers Mouse, a seller of handmade crochet humans.

Wielding vintage revolvers and phone receivers, the plush animals broke into PSE's central bank, wearing elaborately embroidered nuno felted Homo Sapiens Sapiens masks to conceal their true identities. The estimated amount of cash they have taken exceeds a gazillion EMD (European Monopoly Dollars).When asked what they would spend their bounty on, the reply came unanimously: "- We're going to splash out on lemon cake and Chanel 5!"

Spokesmen for the European Government and Bank have been unavailable for comment.

Plush disobedience

1. Some of them have been caught: Prisoner legs bookmark by Olena
2. Others are enjoying lemon cupcakes: Post earrings by PetitPlat
3. If you see this plush, call your nearest police station immediately!: Fox mask by BHBKidstyle
4. Some are still on the run: Leaving on a jet plane art print by puikeprent

Credits also go to: Veronika, Kadabros, Heyme, Jagna,
Sandra, Sirli, Brigitte and Lucie (hope I haven't left anyone out)


Wonderful people, wonderful hands, wonderful words

Hands without words:

Words without hands:

My hands are my pride and joy.
When I was young....
My grandmother would hold them and kiss them as she told me I had hands just like her MaMa's... what a gift she gave me.
I have used them to create, caress,clean,cook and cradle.
Over the years they have aged and show scars,brown spots and wrinkles..would I change them? Never...
I love my hands.

                                Ellen from GatheringSplendor

I am a florist so I get numerous knife nicks in my thumbs. Then the acidity of the flowers turns those nicks black. My nails are permently stained green underneath. 35 coats of nail polish helps. If ladies wearing gloves ever comes back, I'm on that bus.

AnniesVintageRedone from AnniesVintageRedone

*goes off to photograph her scarred, burned, blistered, acid-stained, glass-imbedded, wrinkled, age-spotted, gnarly, hands*

Jane Hartman from trilobiteglassworks

I am a piano teacher - so , long slender "piano hands"right?...... well not so much, God gave me petite little child hands that are showing their wear & tear from painting, sanding,sticking them in the Lake Water for hours, drilling wood ect. I have some really young students who will ask me what I was working on because there is always some remnant of Art on my hands :) They are always interested to see my projects and I LOVE that !

My hands can palm a basketball and calm a child. Knit a sweater, plant a garden. Sew a costume, knead bread. Solder silver, snag silk. Buck hay and trim sheep hooves. All of those things show on my hands, which is part of the reason my lovely daughter is my hand model. Her hands can draw and paint. Two things I wish my hands could do.
ps. Best things I've found for dry hands is shearing sheep. The lanolin soaks right in. Smells pretty bad, but feels good.

Crystal from Crystalsidyll

My hands have held the hands of and raised countless kids.
My hands crochet, paint, manulipate the camera and computer mouse.
I have scars from glue guns, and various tools.
A crooked pointer finger from having been crushed in a window...lucky it still has feeling.
My hands are a weapon, I am a martial artist.
My hands are 50 today.

Kym from MissKym

It's funny. When I met up with an Etsy friend at the taping of the Martha Stewart show she grabbed my hands and told me they were beautiful, I replied that my cuticles are cracked, my fingers are calloused, basically said they were a hot mess. No, she told me, your hands are the hands of an artist and they are beautiful. She said not many are lucky enough to have hands like ours.

Cherish your creative battered hands and cherish your integrity as an artist or craftsperson.

Cindy Steiler from MarysGranddaughter

Support handmade:



May Monday Moodboard

Earthy Sunny Monday

1. Olive ceramic linen necklace by ILoveLinen
2. White roses by AstaArtwork
3. Greek ceramic moon pendants by OandN
4. Green and yellow ring by azulado

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