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Show your hands to show your heart - Monday Moodboard

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Today's Monday Moodboard is a little different. We are all a bit broken-hearted by what's happening to craftsmen, artisans and artists who believe in the true meaning of handmade and creation.

There are still many people out there who actually make things by hand, using their OWN hands, thereby lending their items a personal touch, and not just literally.

Please support them so they can continue to create.
If you are a seller or a buyer on Etsy, join our silent protest on May 10, 2012 - we will all collectively close our shops for one day, hoping that our silence will be heard. www dot protesty dot com

You can also support us by changing your avatar to show your hands (whether you are a handmade, vintage or supply seller or a buyer) or alternatively using this image with a broken heart: http://www.protesty.com/avatar.jpg

If you are not on Etsy, you can help us by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other media outlet.

As of today there over 3100 shops have joined us. Thank you all for your support!


  1. I think those of us who sell our own work on Etsy all have our hearts broken. Those who sell other people's hard work on Etsy are laughing at us. Etsy appear to have joined in with the laughter...

  2. Now is the time to stand up and defend our beloved Etsy platform, once the place to buy genuine handmade, vintage and supplies. Good to see so many people, buyers and sellers, support our initiative, showing we don't care for mass-production items!

    Lovely inspiring blog post!

  3. Awesome post Dori! Yeey for handmade!

  4. We hope, this comes to an good end with more conscious buyers and sellers brave enough to charge what their work is worth.
    We thought about closing the shop, but can't as our items will be shown in an press event only two days before. Unfortunately we are really under pressure, as we make by hand for our living and savings are already gone... There are so many challenges this handmade business is bringing to us. We really think, we need to set standards.

  5. It is a great initiative that might help change the face of etsy back to unique handmade. If nobody speaks up, nobody can listen!

  6. great post! HAND made pictures!

  7. great post! hopefully our voices will be heard.
    have a great week,

  8. Thank you guys for all your support! Yes, we believe in what we preach! And we'd like to have our beloved Etsy back!

    Nauli - don't worry one bit, we know you are with us in your hearts and that's what matters when all is said and done

  9. I hadn't heard of the silent protest before, so thanks for sharing! Is there something going on with Etsy that I have missed? What did Etsy do?


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