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Rainy spring day - Monday Moodboard

If you live in Europe, you are probably having a rainy week. Here are some items from Etsy sellers to brighten up your days:

1. a pretty pink coin purse from retrospettive 
 2. a nice light pink pendant necklace from happyment 
 3. a cool cloud brooch by lacravatteduchien
4. and last but not least a photo with pretty wellies by OnAWhimPhotography

Look at the sellers' other items as well, you may find something sunny :)


  1. Beautiful prints! Nice clouds!

  2. Rain everywhere... but this one looks so happy ;)
    Thanks for sharing your blog! We actually decided to go with Disqus, because it gives the writer the possibility to change comments and we like the idea to have control of what we've said in www. It's actually also nice, that it can link to several social media venues, but... seems not to work always :(.

  3. Nauli - Yes, I've noticed :D - I didn't manage to leave a comment properly, even though I signed in through my google account. Anyway, thanks for the nice words - hope to see you here again soon :)


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