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in the making

So here's a photo of a new bib necklace I'm working on. It's going to be my second story-necklace (although haven't finished the first one yet...) based on one of my favorite stories: János vitéz, and the scene when he walks the Earth in search of his loved one.

I really like the "earth" part (the bottom, if you haven't figured it out...:D), but I have other ideas for it. And so now I'm not so sure whether I want to cover it up or not. Although I probably will...

The other thing is translation. I've been wondering how I should translate the title of the story into English so that it doesn't sound funny - or whether I should translate it at all? And as far as I know this story type can be found in many other nations' folk tales, so I may just use a universal title. I don't know...

(I so love unfinished sentences....:D)


  1. Well, what about Jack of the Corn? Since Stephen King's story, you have no reason to laugh when speaking about the children of the corn?
    And it isn't worse than Jack and the bean...

  2. Hey Gergő, sorry didn't see your comment before. In the end I just went with a proper name title, which is the title of a Persian tale, and which actually was my original inspiration. It is not the same story but there is a great similarity between the two. Thanks for the ideas though :)


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