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give credit where credit is due

sunset polymer clay earrings dangling earrings
Love the colors!

I've been asked many times recently, especially by my students or people who know me "from before" (note the quotation marks), how this whole claying thing came up. So this is how:

Once upon a time, on one rainy afternoon (like the one right now) I was browsing through Facebook when I saw some photos of clay jewelry that were "liked" by a FB friend. They caught my attention so I began clicking. I liked what I saw, and as I have always been crafty, but at the time didn't feel like starting any serious project (my purse- and picture-making had just been put on hold for a while), I decided to buy just a little bit of clay to experiment with. I did not want to invest much money or time in it but just satiate my curiosity. Very me.... :D

So I bought two packets of clay (boy, were they much more expensive than I'd expected!), and began the said play, first trying to create something similar to what I'd seen in those photos, and before you know it, I was fervently claying away......

Be sure to check out Tina's jewelry on Facebook (warning! highly addictive stuff!):

polymer clay earrings with bow

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